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Absolute Air & Power, Inc. is a locally owned, full line mechanical service company. We service commercial office, medical, government, data centers, educational, manufacturing and all other types of commercial, industrial and institutional facilities with the best HVAC service and repairs in the industry.

Our technicians are Trained and Certified to handle your home needs. We understand that value is our best force in the marketplace. We strive to help our customers maximize tenant comfort and system sustainability. We treat our client’s facilities as if they were our own when performing HVAC maintenance and/or repairs. We know that HVAC equipment that operates the most effectively at the least cost makes us a valuable part of any property management team.

Additionally, we offer “turnkey” retrofits for roof top units, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, air handlers, heat exchangers, controls, and other HVAC equipment. We understand that weekend retrofits are like open heart surgery on your facility. Our critical path operations such as steel pipe welding are completed in-house with our own forces. Our shutdown experience ensures that your facility is comfortable when tenants return on Monday.

Our clients can also rest assured that we are fully committed to workplace safety. We factor safety into the planning and execution of every project and our company-wide culture that stresses personal safety for every employee has paid off in an injury-free work force and low workers compensation insurance premiums that help us keep costs under control.

Our commitment to safety is reflected in our excellent track record for safety both on and off the job site and a MOD rate that is among the lowest in the industry. What that means to our clients is that they don’t have to worry about becoming a target for a lawsuit due to one of our technicians being injured on the job site. Contact Absolute Air & Power today for all your commercial/industrial HVAC needs.